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Student portal has a passionate team of academics, business professionals, educational consultants, and industry experts to guide you every step of the way to achieve your Australian dream. We have partnered with the most reputed Universities and Institutions in Australia to provide you with a wide array of courses that suits your career aspirations. 

Empowering Your Dreams

Everyone dreams of something.
Be it the next tech innovator, scientist, engineer, or the next big movie star.
Our question is, what is your dream?
Do you dream about excelling in your chosen field?

  • Shining in your academics? 
  • Being an excellent global business professional?
  • Following your passion?

Student Portal helps you make your dream come true

Student Portal is an initiative of academics and business professionals. We provide ethical, relevant, authentic, and holistic counseling and end-to-end services on overseas education.

  • Ethical: helping you choose the right one over other good options.
  • Relevant: giving you the freedom to chase your dreams and follow your passions.
  • Authentic: empowering you with the chance to choose your destiny
  • Holistic: always keeping your best interests at heart, not just because of our reputation but because of your dream.

Admission Guidance

As promised, we will be with you from the very beginning of your dream, starting from finding the right university.

  • Understanding your career interests
  • Identifying possible career paths
  • Suggesting courses based on your career prospects

Exploring Scholarships

Financial issues may make dreams challenging. Why don’t you fuel your dreams based on your merit and motivation? 

  • A thorough check of all available scholarships matching your situation
  • Matching your eligibility and interest with the right scholarships
  • Holistic guidance on your preparation and application for scholarships

Visa Information

We understand that all documentation, rules, norms, and procedures might make your dream feel tedious and stressful. Don’t worry; we will help you.

  • Latest information on visa procedure
  • Authentic guidance in your document preparation
  • Processing your visa through Registered Migration Consultants (Canada and Australia only)

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Student Testimonials

(We respect the privacy of our clients)

I can 100% vouch that Student Portal Services saves your money, time, effort and gives you the best choice for your career pathway. My Consultant Arif was kind and helpful. He was honest and told me things I needed to know. He communicated well with me too.

– Ron Kant Sharma

I was really confused with the entire student visa application, they helped me to sort out my documents, rechecked them and helped to apply for visa.

– Arnob

I wanted to apply for the University of Essex, their UK Education Counselor helped me throughout the entire process, even applying for my scholarship.

– Samia

This is your first time, not ours!

Student Portal serves hundreds of students every month. Our successful track record makes us confident.

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Advising with AUTHORITY

We are a team of professionals with 100 years of combined experience.

Check out our team

We believe in your dreams.

So Said, So Done

Not just another agency. We walk the talk. 

  • No hidden charges or terms
  • Complete documented procedure

Experts from Three Countries

We provide services from Australia, Canada, and Bangladesh.

  • Visit our office to meet our counselors
  • Book online meetings for instant access

You Can Connect With Us in the Way You Are Comfortable With

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  • Call
  • Message (Messenger / WhatsApp / Text)
  • Email
  • Virtual Meeting
  • Visit Our Office

Supporting Your Right Future

Many options may seem to be good to you, but only a few are right for you. Your circumstances are unique. We understand that.

  • Dedicated focus on each of our students
  • Detailed consultation tailored to your need and circumstances

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply abroad without IELTS?

If a student meets certain requirements, several institutions in other countries do not demand TOEFL/IELTS as part of the admissions process.

Can I study abroad with a low GPA?

If you have a low GPA, you may not be able to choose from among the best programs when it comes to program selection. The majority of study-abroad programs demand a minimum 3.0 GPA, and acceptance rates are typically low for students with GPAs under 2.5

Can I take my spouse with me?

Yes, you can bring your spouse with you if they are on a partner dependent visa subclass permit.

Are there any scholarships available for International Students?

Yes, there are many scholarships for international students. You can get more information from an education counselor from Student Portal about the scholarships that will be available for the next intake of students.

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