Top 10 Graduate Jobs for International Students in the UK

The majority of international students who graduate from a university in the United Kingdom want to work in the UK. The hiring rate in the UK is 75%, and as such overseas students have a good chance of getting recruited. This article will list ten graduate jobs for international students in the UK. You will also learn the process of obtaining a post-study work visa, and we have also listed some of the most popular engineering graduate jobs below.

What is a Graduate Job?

A graduate job is an employment position that demands a person with a three-year degree from a successful university. It can also be defined as someone who possesses the necessary qualities or skills for the role.

Top 10 Graduate Jobs for International Students in the UK

Following are the top 10 graduate jobs for international students in the UK, which are highly paid and have vastness in career. With the following jobs, you can also get a PSW in the UK.

1. Software Engineering

  • Career options: One can start their own software house or work as a consultant. You can also go for cloud engineering and IT engineering jobs.
  • Demand in the job market: You can work as a Level software developer, Associate software engineer, Solution developer, or senior software developer.
  • Average Salary: It is one of the highest-paying graduate jobs for international students in the UK, with an average salary of £30,000 to £90,000 per year.
  • Requirements: Usually, a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree is preferred for the above-mentioned jobs. Other certifications and experience can help you get the desired job.

2. Civil Structural Engineering

  • Career options: After civil engineering, you can join as a site engineer, building surveyor, CAD technician, Nuclear engineer, and water engineer, Pathways.
  • Demand in the job market: Numerous jobs are available for civil engineers example, Technical officers, civil engineers, Site managers, project managers, and planners
  • Average Salary: £26,000 to £32,500 per year
  • Requirements: A bachelor’s or a postgraduate degree is required. Minimum experience of three years for senior jobs, and fresh graduates can go for training and internship programs as well.

3. Nursing

  • Career options: You can specialize in different areas like new natal care,  Intensive Care. You can also be trained to become a midwife, team leader, or nurse sister. After post-graduation, one can also direct nursing staff.
  • Demand in the job market: Several jobs are available in the market, like cancer care nurse, nurse associate, Health Care associate, Staff nurse, and mental health nurse.
  • Average Salary: Nursing is a very highly paid professionals who can earn up to £54,500 per year
  • Requirements: 4 years of bachelor’s Degree and 6 months of experience are required to get a good job in the UK. The study period is indeed very long, but it is the best graduate job for international students in the UK.

4. Pharmacy

  • Career options: Wide variety of career options are available after pharmacy. You can join community pharmacies, Hospital pharmacies, industrial pharmacies, and even retail pharmacies. Since you get a license, therefore you can also establish your own pharmacy also.
  • Demand in the job market: The demand in the market includes retail pharmacists, clinical pharmacists, Health Care Assistants, hospital pharmacists, and R&D associates. It is one of the most respected graduate jobs for international students in the UK.
  • Average Salary: £46,825 per year in the United Kingdom Area.
  • Requirements: bachelor’s in pharmacy and a doctor of pharmacy graduate degree are required to work in the above-mentioned fields.

5. Architectural Engineering

  • Career options: As an architectural engineer, you can join the inspection sector, construction sector, and Residential and commercial surveying sector. You can also join landscape architecture.
  • Demand in the job market: Site engineer, mining specialist, constructor, Senior architecture engineer, and senior management engineer jobs are available.
  • Average Salary: The average was £46,100, up from £43,500 the year before.
  • Requirements: A degree that is recognized by the Architecture Registration Board is required. 1-year complete practical work with 2 years of further certification in BArch or MArch is required. In the final stage, an exam is needed to be cleared.

6. Chemical Engineering

  • Career options: In Chemical engineering, you can work as a chemical engineer or join Research and Development Department. You can also work in biotechnology, food and Science, and environmental departments.
  • Demand in the job market: Research and development assistant,  lecturer, Process operator, air quality officer, and production chemist-like jobs are available in the market.
  • Average Salary: It is an example of engineering graduate jobs that can earn up to £38,500 per year or more depending upon the experience.
  • Requirements: Degree in chemical engineering and 2 to 4 years of work experience required to get an excellent job in the UK.

7. BBA

  • Career options: After studying business, you can work in the marketing sector,  sales department, audit department, join banking, or go for the establishment of your own business.
  • Demand in the job market: Number of jobs available after doing BBA. These include chief financial assistant, Associate Consultant, Sales Executive, and marketing manager.
  • Average Salary: It is a very high-paying graduate job for international students in the UK.
  • Requirements: BBA degree or master’s degree is required with unlimited experience and expertise.

8. Orthodontists

  • Career options: You can join dental Labs and work as a hygienist, practitioner, Implantologist, or dental radiologist.
  • Demand in the job market: Jobs like private dental Associates, orthodontist consultants, orthodontist specialists, and General dentist associates are available
  • Average Salary: Orthodontists can earn upto £27,111 per year and is one of the most interesting graduate jobs for international students in the UK
  • Requirements: First, you need to complete four years of college and four years of Medical College, and later two to three years of orthodontist residency. Expertise and skills are required depending on the job.

9. Veterinary Medicine

  • Career options: There are various paths after completing veterinary medicine, like joining development and research, teaching, clinical, Government, or military sectors.
  • Demand in the job market: Jobs like policy and communication associate, Scientific communication manager, Reader in immunology, and animal surgery associates are available.
  • Average Salary: Varies according to the experience, but if you have experience of 5 years, then you may get £40-45k per annum.
  • Requirements: You need to complete the veterinary medicine degree and get approved by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) with a few years of experience.

10. Auditing

  • Career options: As an auditor, you can join the management department, work in the finance department, or be a financial director. One can also establish an own firm and practice accountancy there.
  • Demand in the job market: There are numerous job positions for auditors. These include senior audit manager, pension audit manager, finance audit manager, Internal auditor, or Audit assistant.
  • Average Salary: The audit managing job is one of the most highly paying graduate jobs for international students in the UK. they earn an average of £65,000 per year
  • Requirements: Must have any of the following degrees.
    • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW)The Association of International Accountants (AIA)

  The job position will decide the amount of work experience required.

How to Apply for Graduate Jobs in the UK

There are various graduate jobs for international students in the UK available on different websites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, and milk round. The following steps can be helpful for you to apply for graduate jobs and get the PSW in the UK.

  1. You need to prepare your CV very carefully. It must be attractive and powerful enough to attract the employer’s attention.
  2. Apply to variable jobs at a time and find the best that suits you.
  3. The above-mentioned websites can be very helpful in hunting for jobs. Just go for the jobs in your respective profession and apply if you fit the eligibility criteria.
  4. The main step is that you are fully prepared for your interview and attend the interview confidently.
  5. Never miss out on a new methodology followed in the interviews. Keep yourself up-to-date with various interview questions.
  6. Convince yourself that you are best suited for this job, and then convince others.
  7. Market yourself in the best possible manner on social media and in a professional circle so that the chances of your hires increase significantly.
  8. The main step in hunting the job is never to lose hope. Numerous applicants are applying with you and competing with you. Only the best among you will be selected, so just keep patience and try smarter.

Post-Study Work (PSW) Visa in the UK

1. Eligibility requirement

The eligibility requirements for Post study work visa in the UK are

  • You have studied at universities within the UK. You must have completed the bachelor’s or post-graduation within the given time.
  • At the time of application of PSW, you should be present in the UK.
  • You must have finished your studies, and your educational institution has provided evidence of your completion to the Home Office.
  • You should have studied while having the student visa or Tier 4 (General) student visa.
  • You must have a Student Visa or Tier 4 Student Visa at the time of application for PSW in the UK.

2. Cost

The cost of PSW in the UK depends on 2 things, your application fee, and health care charges.

So, for the application fee, you would have to pay £715. The health care surcharge varies depending upon the time of your stay in the UK

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  • For 1 year, you have to pay  £624
  • For 2 years, you have to pay  £1248
  • For 3 years, you have to pay  £1872

There’s a bonus for health care professionals, which is the concession. If you work in an adult social care or health care sector, you can apply for a health and care work visa. This visa is comparatively cheaper than the PSW (Post-study work visa), and you would not have to pay a health care surcharge per year. But if you have paid the charges, then there is also a chance of getting a refund.

3. Processing time

The processing time for the post-study work visa(PSW) is not very long. Once you have submitted your complete documents, it just takes 2 months for the arrival of the decision on your visa. Until your arrival, you can stay in the UK.

Common reasons for PSW visa rejection

1. You Are Applying Earlier

If you are still a student and have not completed the course. Then your application will almost certainly be rejected. This is because the authorities have no idea if you will pass the course.

2. You Are Applying From Outside The UK

Another main reason for the rejection of your PSW Visa is that you are applying from somewhere else. It is mentioned that you should be present in the UK at the time of the application.

3. Your Visa Extension Is Not Done

Some students make the error of applying for a visa even after they have failed the exam. Nobody should make this error. Instead, seek a student visa extension and retake the exam. Consider filing for a visa extension six weeks or a month in advance.


Why are international graduates not getting jobs in the UK?

There might be a number of reasons why overseas grads aren’t landing employment in the UK. For starters, you lack the required quantity and duration of experience for the position. Second, the market is so saturated that the likelihood of being employed is quite low. Third, you are not marketing yourself appropriately. This suggests that you are either very good at promoting your skills to others or you are failing your interviews. Finally, the skill of learning job seeking is critical, and you are overlooking vital things.

How long does it take to find a job after graduation in the UK?

People frequently acquire employment within a few weeks or months of submitting their CVs. However, it may take a bit longer as well. If you accomplish everything correctly, you will most likely get employed shortly. Just keep a few things in mind, such as including the finest skill sets in your CV. Giving the finest interviews possible while being confident in who you are and chasing jobs like a true hunter.

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The preceding article highlights the most typical errors you made when applying for a post-study work visa or PSW in the UK. Several graduate jobs for international students in the UK are listed above, including engineering graduate jobs and medical-related jobs. If you have any concerns, contact the Immigration Portal right away and get your questions answered in a matter of seconds, or schedule an appointment with our representative, who will walk you through the entire procedure.

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